Canvas-Worthy Europe, 2014 edition

Last Wednesday I shared my round-up of my favorite photos taken in Paris in 2014. Now it’s time to see the year in review through a collection of my canvas-worthy contenders from our European travels outside of Paris. Here’s where I traveled to during the year!

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Walking along Berlin's East Side Gallery

Here's the final reveal of the week. One of my favorite sights in Berlin that I shared with you on Wednesday was the Reichstag. Preferably visited at sunset to see its glass dome lit up in brilliant reds, oranges, and purples, offering a great 360-degree view of Berlin. Now it's time to focus on the other highlight of my two-day trip to Berlin. Hint: it’s another wonderful free sight. And also offers a link to the history of the city, the spirit of Berlin, and its hopeful future. 

It’s a walk down Berlin’s East Side Gallery.

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Best View for a Berlin Sunset

I only had two full days in Berlin this summer so I had to be super selective when deciding what to see. Especially as I started to realize just how big Berlin really is during my preliminary research. For example, I found that a walk from my hotel’s neighborhood of Mitte to trendy Friedrichshain was an estimated 50-minute walk...and those were two sections of town right next to each other! So the challenge was on: lots of ground to cover, so much to see and do, little time, big decisions. Challenge accepted. 

Thankfully I came across a post on Guten Blog, Y’all on a visit to the Reichstag. Margo strongly recommended coordinating a reservation to tour its glass dome at sunset for a beautiful view of the city. Inset my imaginary personal ad here - forget the long walks on the beach. Mine would be more along the “enjoys views of cities from above anytime, but particularly at sunset.” Need I say that a visit to the Reichstag then would be part of a perfect date? 

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From Paris to Berlin

Bon lundi!

My two overall take-aways from Berlin this July are: Berlin is a really huge city (the second largest in the EU, London being the largest). And it is quite a cool European capital city.

Two full days wasn't enough time, but I loved what I did experience. (My time in Berlin was sandwiched in between the time visiting my uncle in Germany and Prague.) There is certainly tons to do in Berlin, and I'm going to whittle the list down to my two favorite sights and share them with you this week. Get ready! 

Auf Wiedersehen for now!

A connection to Paris right at the famous Brandburg Gate! (Though this square is named Pariser Platz in celebration of victory in overthrowing Napoleon so not the warmest welcome to the French.)

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