Canvas-Worthy Europe, 2014 edition

Last Wednesday I shared my round-up of my favorite photos taken in Paris in 2014. Now it’s time to see the year in review through a collection of my canvas-worthy contenders from our European travels outside of Paris. Here’s where I traveled to during the year!

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C'est Beaune

I moved to Paris with the idea that I would travel as much as I could to “get it out of my system.” The problem I've found with that theory is for each place I go, three more get added to the wish list.

Take Dijon. Michael and I went on a weekend trip there in August 2012 and have been wanting to revisit Bourgogne ever since. Like anywhere in France, it can be characterized by delicious food, as well as pretty towns and plenty of vineyards. 

All it took for us to plan a return trip was confirmation that Michael’s sister was coming to visit. She was hoping to go on a weekend trip that included a vineyard tour, and that was all we needed to go on. This time we would travel just south of Dijon, to Beaune. And unlike last time when we took a train to and from Paris, we rented a car to be able to explore more.

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Exploring Bourgogne

Bon lundi!

There is still a lot to catch up on in my backlog of trips! Before my brother showed up in Paris for a surprise visit and weekend in the Loire, and way before I knew I was going on a girls' getaway to London, there was a planned guest on the DePasquale calendar. Michael's sister, Dawn, surprised us in her own way, booking a last minute ticket to visit over her spring break. Which meant a fun opportunity to take a road trip for a weekend in Beaune and the surrounding area of Bourgogne (Burgundy in English). 

Here's a picture from my favorite attraction in Beaune, the gorgeous Hôtel-Dieu. More to share soon!