Canvas-Worthy Paris, 2014 edition

{Canvas-worthy} A characteristic bestowed to a photograph of exceptional quality to indicate it might be pleasing enough to consider making into a canvas and hanging on the wall. See additional notes in the Canvas-Worthy Paris post of 2013.

Example: Michael: Look at the photo I just took of the Eiffel Tower!
                   Sara: Wow, that one might be canvas-worthy!

This year I was much less discriminate when it came to narrowing down my favorite photos Michael and I have taken in Paris (18 instead of last year’s 10!). Thankfully, I am only committing to sharing them with you and not actually purchasing canvases for my home yet. So take a look and help weigh in on which were the best of 2014! (Or else I’m going to need to save up a lot more for a larger house with more wall space!)

I had to start off the round-up with one of the Eiffel Tower that Michael took in February. We had just come back to France after our two month “exile” period of having to leave the country to get new visas. There were lots of long walks in Paris that month to reconnect with Paris after missing it and being away for so long.

Then spring came, and I couldn’t get enough of Paris in bloom. This building is across the street from the St. Paul metro stop.

Seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved the city’s flowers. I couldn’t bring myself to cut either of these picture of Notre Dame from the batch. So which do you prefer?

This next one may seem like an odd photo to include in the round-up, but it’s of one of my fondest views of the city. It’s what I see everyday from my window. And not only that, but this one features our beautiful flowers that we were able to nurture and keep alive until the beginning of December! (Not bad for a girl who got her green thumb from her mom, who has killed cacti in the past.) A huge accomplishment for us, and perhaps an indication we are ready to move on to caring for other living things.

The view from my apartment window is one of the dearest to me in Paris. Here are a few more of my favorite spots in town:

Place des Vosges in the Marais, Paris

My favorite park in Paris, Parc des Bittes-Chaumont. More about it in my post here (and I’ve written about lots more parks to discover in my Park it in Paris series!).

One of my go-to summer picnic spots, along the Seine.

The Centre Pompidou is among my favorite museums in Paris, and one thing I love about it is running up to the top floor in time to see a sunset. I included another sunset from the same view in my 2013 best-of compilation - so which one should make the wall?

While we’re on the subject of sunsets, I had to include two from one of my favorite events of the year,  Fête de la Musique. This year’s was a ton of fun (see my post about it here) and also produced one of the most vibrant sunsets I have seen in Paris. 

Notre Dame on June 21st, 2014, also known as Fête de la Musique (and my wedding anniversary)

After the vibrant pinks and oranges were done, the sky turned a deep purple before finally giving way to nightfall. 

You didn’t think I would just have one Eiffel Tower in the mix, did you? No matter how many times I see that Iron Lady, I just have to take one more photo. How many is reasonable to decorate my home with?

I partially need to include this one because I woke up extra early to see sunrise at the Eiffel Tower, and need to justify that decision! Not bad for pre-coffee...

And then from summer on, the rest of the year just flew by.

There was a summer day walking past the Port de l'Arsenal (just south of Place de la Bastille).

Another check mark next to a Paris bucket-list item: climbing the Tour St. Jacques 

Autumn arrived and I became more conscience of savoring every last bit of sunlight, as seen in my resolution.

The last two photos were taken in autumn, featuring all its loveliness that the season brought to Paris.

An autumn afternoon in Jardin des Tuileries

That concludes my (and Michael's) best photos of 2014 in Paris. Do you have a favorite from the bunch? Which do you deem canvas-worthy?