Bringing Bébé: Part One, PACKING

Part one in a small series on the practicalities of traveling with a one-year old

There was a time when Michael and I prided ourselves on being able to travel light - not a skill that came naturally to me, but  over time one that I honed out of both necessity and convenience. (You can do it too!)

Then we had a baby. I’ve realized that I need these skills more than ever - I still have to pack relatively light for myself because all free hands and resources are now dedicated to hauling said baby’s stuff.  

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Simply Sara Travels Light (and you can too with these 9 steps)

Before I even tasted a single pierogi in Poland, I had accomplished a new personal victory. I had somehow managed to pack in a carry-on for a 16-night trip. If you're not impressed, let me elaborate. Michael and I used a carry-on size suitcase and a backpack to cart our things around. Which meant that all of our clothes and toiletries between us fit into the same small suitcase with the backpack reserved for camera/electronics/miscellaneous souvenirs. Also you should know we flew with EasyJet to Poland, which has a strict policy of one carry-on per passenger - meaning I couldn't get away with hauling an over-sized purse and my carry-on bag.

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