Ringing in 2018

Bonne Année! Happy New Year!

Believe it or not, Simply Sara is back from the long hiatus. To give a brief snapshot of what went down behind the scenes after moving back from Paris, it went something like this: bought a house within 4 months of returning to the US, embarked on a big home renovation project, and started (and ended) a full time job because of stage 2 of the house project - fill the rooms! Our family expanded to three with the addition of a sweet baby boy - and the past year has involved a lot of trying to keep up with a now-toddler! 

But as we enter into a new year, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do differently in 2018. It brings me joy in writing and musing on travels, so this year is going to include re-evaluating how to carve out time to bring back to life a part of me that got pushed aside and buried. 

Sara Julien Eiffel Tower

On that note, there will be lots of new content coming to this site! Some things on the horizon include:

  • Our most recent trip to London and Paris, with our little guy
  • Practical info on how we traveled overseas with a one-year old
  • Our Tour de France trip in greater detail - get ready for lots of France love!
  • Many more never-written about European adventures 

What are you most interested in reading about on Simply Sara Travel? 

And for those of you into setting intentions in the new year, what are you doing to improve physical/mental/spiritual health in the coming months?