Baltic Beauty: Gdańsk, Poland

It’s no mistake that I started to talk about our time in Gdańsk, and then diverted over to the side trips we took to Sopot and Malbork Castle. Every time I sit down to try to tackle what we did and saw in Gdańsk, I get overwhelmed. There was a lot to see and do, yet it was charming and picturesque enough to just sit back and enjoy without an agenda or plan. 

Part of what I appreciated about Gdańsk is that there’s variety. There are boats to see and even ride, museums to visit, churches to wander into, lots of history to study, easy access to the beach, amber to shop for, plus good food and hang-out spots when the time comes just to relax. Let me try to unpack the city a little more by its elements:

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White European Beaches Where You Least Expect It: Sopot, Poland

Sometimes when someone starts telling you about where they’re from, they make bold claims.  Sometimes they turn out to be true, and other times you discover that person’s perception is clouded by their love of their home town.  My biggest bold claim, which I invite you to fact check, is that New Jersey is home to the best bagels in the world. 

Even knowing a person’s propensity to elevate their home town, you can imagine my surprise when one of Michael’s Polish coworkers once proclaimed:

“Poland has the best beaches of Europe.”

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Northward Bound to Gdańsk, Poland

Bon lundi!

We're heading up to the north of Poland, to a notable city on the Baltic Sea. After Krakow and Warsaw, this was always the third city that people mentioned as a must-see in Poland (and often encouraged visiting it more enthusiastically than Warsaw).

This week is about Gdańsk - the sea, amber, my love of boats, and everything in between. I'll give away a little spoiler - I concur with my Polish friends who offered trip advice beforehand. Gdansk is a great place to spend a few days and should inch towards the top of any Poland to-do list. More on why coming soon! 

View of Gdańsk from the tower of St. Mary's Church