Shiny New Warsaw

Bon lundi!

Have you ever hesitantly added a destination on your itinerary with reservations about what the stop would amount to? That's how I felt about adding Warsaw to my trek through Poland. A lot of feedback I read from travelers recounting their trips in Poland seemed to dismiss Warsaw for its modern architecture and towering skyscrapers. Krakow was the decisive favorite, and many advised to skip Warsaw all together.

Though somewhat skeptical about the city, I couldn't ignore the capital on our big tour of the country. And since it was a direct, three-hour train ride from Krakow, we were able to easily cover the 300 kilometer distance and inch our way further north towards GdaΕ„sk. 

This week is about what I found in Warsaw. To give you a hint, it had some of the most memorable food of the trip and a museum that surprised me. And looking back at everywhere we went in Poland, it is the place that we left the most stones un-turned and beckons a return trip someday. 

This unique building is the InterContinental Hotel, a five-star hotel. Its unusual cut-out bothered Michael with its inefficiency,  yet I appreciated the character it added to Warsaw's skyline. (Typical engineer vs English literature degree debates...)

So have you had the experience of traveling somewhere despite negative reviews from others, only to be pleasantly surprised?