Behind the Doors of the French National Assembly

Journées du Patrimoine (European Heritage Days) is a wonderful event that takes place over a weekend in September. During the weekend, many buildings and monuments are open to the public and often for free. While many standard tourist destinations are open for free or reduced entry (such as the museums), what makes this weekend extra special is that many sites only allow entry to the general public over these two days of the year.

I recommend taking advantage of these exclusive openings, or at least going to places that are difficult to see during the year. Start planning right now - Les Journées du Patrimoine is this weekend, September 20-21!

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Something Old, Something New

Bon lundi!

Summer is in full swing, bringing with it school break, time off, vacation, and...summer visitors! One thing I didn't realize before moving to Paris was that it would give us the opportunity to host dear friends and family and share our new home with them. Counterintuitively it's proven to often allow us more quality time with loved ones than we ever had living at home. Especially being out and about in the city, cutting visitors off of the wifi access they so crave. 

Recently my aunt and cousin had the opportunity to visit us for a week. I loved every minute with those girls! It allowed me to share some places that I love with them, like the Musée d'Orsay (it had been too long since my last visit there!) and also pushed me to discover some new places too. Follow me this week as I share some of our findings! 

The Musée d'Orsay is a fabulous art museum that used to be a train station known as Gare d'Orsay in its former life!