Escape to Spain

Bon lundi!

"How did you deal with winter here last year?" I asked.

It was my first winter in Paris and I was talking with a friend. I was trying to get accustomed to the days of overcast, gray skies in Paris that winter brings along. I'm a Jersey girl from the northeast of the US so cold and snow don't phase me like my southern Californian friends, but short days with little sunshine do.

"Well...I vacationed in Spain a lot," she answered.

As it turns out, winter isn't the only time it rains frequently in Paris! This July has been out-of-the-ordinary with cool weather and lots of rain. While my plants appreciate the extra water to make up for my lacking green thumb, these days I've been thinking of that plentiful Spanish sunshine. Here's a photo from a trip I took last summer in Sevilla:

 Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain

Hope you're enjoying summer so far!