Underrated Wrocław, Poland?

Bon lundi!

We’re entering the final stretch of my trip in Poland! After spending a few days in Gdańsk by the Baltic Sea, it was time to make our way towards Krakow again. The most economical way for us to travel to Poland was to book round-trip airfare in and out of Krakow, so the last leg of the journey was a stop as we made our way southward towards the airport. 

One thing I came to appreciate while planning this trip was just how large Poland is! If we were to drive straight from Gdańsk to Krakow, it would be just under six hours. We decided to take a short flight out of Gdańsk to cover the distance more quickly. The question was - where to? I narrowed it down to two cities I had heard were worth visiting: Poznań and Wrocław.

Clearly from the title of this post, we ended up choosing Wroclaw. Was this a good choice? I think so (though if you’ve been to Poznań, let me know what you think!). All of the previous destinations were on the main tourist loop, documented in my Rick Steves’ guidebook and vetted by Polish friends. Wroclaw wasn’t a city I heard much about, so we went in a little unsure of what exactly we would find. 

What we found exactly will have to wait until my next post...but what I will say is we loved it! And I’m going to talk about it a bit because this is an underrated city in my opinion!

What underrated cities/places have you enjoyed (perhaps to your surprise)?