Bringing Bébé: Part 3, Babies on a Plane

Part three in a small series on the practicalities of traveling with a one-year old

Quick review: Michael and I decided to bring our one-year old on a 2.5 week trip to London and Paris this past December. This series is all about what we learned as new parents during this adventure. If you missed part one, here’s the link to the post on what to pack. Part two was all about selecting accommodations and hopefully getting to sleep in said accommodations.

The topic at hand today as one element of the trip we were nervous about...the dreaded “baby’s first flight.” We took two daytime flights to and from Europe so I wasn’t even too worried about a crying baby disturbing people. I was more concerned with having to keep a very curious, active toddler occupied for a length of time in a confined space.   

Here’s a few things that helped make the plane ride actually go smoothly:

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