Final Week: Eating and Traveling Well in Poland

Bon lundi!

As I mentioned last week, I’m winding down the Poland series. And I’m serious - this is the last week I’m focusing on Poland, at least for a long while! 

This is my last-ditch effort to convince you (if you’re still on the fence) that you need to book a trip to Poland, and soon. If you’re like me, trying new foods and local specialties is a draw of any trip. This week Anna from Slightly Astray is going to share about some of the wonderful things she ate in Poland. So if the sights, history, and beauty of Poland didn’t interest you, maybe the cuisine will!

Then I’ll finish up giving some more information on how to plan your own trip. And with that, we’ll refocus on France next week.

Best of both worlds - in Poland, we found that you could live like a king, dining at great restaurants at a fraction of the price we're accustomed to. These pierogi are from our "fancy" meal in Gdańsk.

Thanks for following along thus far! Here’s to the final push on Poland :-)