Stuttgart's Mercedes-Benz Museum

A weekend trip to Stuttgart, Germany to visit its Christmas markets introduced me to my favorite attraction of the city: the Mercedes-Benz museum.

Before I highly recommend this museum, I should start off by saying that cars have never particularly interested me. I can appreciate sleek designs and smooth rides, but sometimes the details get lost on me. Case in point, back in high school one of my friend's fathers often gave me a ride to school. One Friday I found myself looking at the analog clock in the middle of the dashboard that was surely a digital clock the week prior, so I decided to comment on the decision to change clocks. My friend and his dad had a good chuckle and they told me it was a brand new car I had been riding in all week. That either classifies me as not observant or not a "car person" - let's go with the latter option.

Back to Stuttgart, outside of the old section of town there are two museums dedicated to car brands: Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. I decided to visit the Mercedes-Benz museum after reading that even people who were not particularly interested in cars would enjoy the site.

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