Inside Paris' Pantheon

I mentioned that I’ve been enjoying exploring the Left Bank a bit more, starting with a visit to the Jardin des Plantes. Well, that was just the beginning of my outing last Sunday. After I warmed up to Left Bank, I continued on over to another sight I had passed by often but still never stepped foot inside: the Pantheon

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Gazing out from the steps of La Madeleine

Bon lundi!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Sunday was a beautiful sunny, spring-like day, and Saturday didn't rain so I was still able to walk around a bit. This picture was taken from the top of the stairs of L'église de la Madeleine (the Madeleine church) in the 8ème arrondissement of Paris. It's been one of those minor things on my bucket list, and I finally made it a point to go inside. The building was originally built with Napoleon's intention to honor his army, but after his fall it was re-purposed as a church.

More on my weekend adventures soon!