Shoreditch's Street Art (London)

Every time I visit London, I'm reminded just how big the city really is. It can take 10 minutes (maybe more) to walk to a tube stop and a trip across town can easily take 45 minutes or more via public transportation. 

This also means there are lots of neighborhoods to discover in London that are varied and diverse from one another. And one that I've really enjoyed exploring more is the artsy section of Shoreditch. 

There is so much to say about the cute boutiques, hipster hangouts, and bars in this neighborhood. For now, I'll just leave you with photos of the cool street art that brightens the streets:

Just off of Hoxton Street

This area has boomed in the past twenty years or so. It was once full of deserted warehouses as industries left the area after World War II. In time, artists came to Shoreditch and transformed the neighborhood.

It seems fitting to me that this area is full of artists and creatives. While most people know of Shakespeare's Globe Theater located on the banks of the River Thames, many probably do not realize that his first theater was the Curtain Theatre, located in Shoreditch. And nearby Curtain Theatre was the site of London's first playhouse, simply called "The Theatre." At the time, the area was not considered part of London so these theaters could avoid taxes and censorship by being located just beyond the city limits.

Right off of Old Street

The old man, Carl Fredricksen, from the Pixar movie Up

This neighborhood is definitely worth taking a walk through. You never know what you're going to find, whether it's Pixar-inspired art or colorful pigs in love. Regardless, you'll feel miles away from attractions that scream "London" like the posh Harrods department store or iconic Big Ben. Yet Shoreditch is just as much a part of the tapestry that makes up London.

Love on Rivington Street

If you appreciate street art like I do, you can even view more without hopping on a plane. Google's Cultural Institute has street art exhibits that you can view online - check it out here! It features street art from all over the world. Happy virtual travels!

More beautiful street art on Rivington Street

Do you like street art? Where are your favorite places to see street art?

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