This Week - Poland's Lesser-Known Destinations

Bon lundi!

February has arrived and I still have lots more to share about Poland! After exploring and eating my way through Krakow, I took a three hour train ride to Warsaw. But I'm going to go a little out of order and take a short break before sharing about another of Poland's well-known cities.

This week we're going to go to some smaller spots in the country. First up is Toruń, a picturesque medieval city with a claim to fame for being the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus. Perhaps it isn't a secret as I did decide to go after reading about Toruń in my Rick Steves' guidebook (of course), but it is certainly not as visited as the other two major cities.

And then I will be featuring some native Polish bloggers who will be sharing on some real Polish gems. If you ever wanted a Polish friend to ask where to visit (besides the obvious cities), this is your opportunity!

Toruń at night is even more serene with all the day-trippers gone!

Stay tuned for more this week!