Oysters and Arcachon

Bordeaux is known for its land. That special terroir, the earth that makes a prestigious Bordeaux wine what it is. Land that is very valuable and comes with quite a price tag.

The land of the region should be explored for its famous vineyards. Yet it's easy to focus just on the land and not realize that the sea is so close.

That's where an excursion to Arcachon comes into play.

In just under an hour drive from the city of Bordeaux you can make it to the beach town of Arcachon. It sits on the Arcachon Bay (Bassin d’Arcachon), which connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

That golden hour at sunset 

Last March Michael and I went on our first trip to Bordeaux along with two dear friends. Thanks to them and their love of oysters an evening in Arcachon was included in the itinerary. 

Arcachon started off as a fishing village. Then in the 19th century it became a popular destination for the wealthy to rest and relax. It also became known for balneotherapy as sickly people would come to bathe in the waters as treatment.

Today it is still a popular spot to recharge by the sea. Arcachon is a pretty shore town to catch at sunset and dine at a table overlooking the water.

Dining is exactly what we came to do. Specifically in search of those famous oysters. It was my first time trying oysters, and these were quite large! The slimy texture was unlike anything I have ever eaten, and as I swallowed it down it primarily tasted like salty seawater to me. If you are going to try them for the first time, you will at the very least know you are having quality oysters in Arcachon. (I've since determined that I don't go out of my way for oysters, but I haven't turned them down the few opportunities I've been presented with them since.)

With a little extra time in Bordeaux, a quick escape to the sea is a great addition for a change of scenery. And what is more relaxing than some time alongside the ocean?