Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

Some people don't think they are "museum people." For some, that means they just haven't found the right museum yet. The thing is, the museum scene in Paris doesn't stop at the Mona Lisa and Monet. The existence of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature proves this.

Granted, it has taken me over a year to make it to this museum despite the fact that it is at most a ten minute walk from my apartment. What finally did it was that I woke up and realized that it was the first Sunday of the month, meaning free admission to many museums throughout the city. (Take a look here at for a complete list of free admission to museums.) With no cost involved besides my time at stake, I surprised my husband and told him I really wanted to pay this attraction a visit.

This private museum was founded by François and Jacqueline Sommer in 1964 and opened in 1967. It went through an intensive renovation and reopened in 2007. The focus of the museum is hunting and nature, and it explores the relationship that people have had with animals.

Inside the Room of Trophies 

A "head shot" of the animals. Sorry, bad pun...

Inside the beautiful Hôtel de Guénégaud (the last building still standing by its architect, François Mansart) we found a wonderful museum with surprises in every corner, like a small room dedicated to unicorns. For me, I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it proved to be. 

The exhibitions certainly kept me on my toes and ranged from intriguing to disturbing in my opinion.

Exhibit B falls into the disturbing category. But it all reflects how humans interact with animals and hunting is a big part of that picture. 

This museum features taxidermy, a riffle collection, paintings featuring wildlife and animals, and much more. If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path to see, this is a little jem in the Marais! To get you in the mood, learn some French while checking out this children's song that I find hysterical - "Dans sa maison un grand cerf." (Hint: Yes, the rabbit is asking the deer to let him in so the hunter won't kill him.)

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

60 rue des Archives

75003 Paris 

Tuesday - Sunday from 11am - 6pm (closed Monday)

6 € adults / 4.50 € reduced price (prices as of December 2013)

Free admission on the first Sunday of the month