Happy November!

Bon lundi!

Isn't it easy to become busy? For the longest time, I've wanted to believe busyness is a result of circumstances. Where I'm from in the northeastern US, it's entirely too easy to become sucked into cramming more into a day. I thought that a change of scenery to a more laid-back Europe would help free myself of busyness. I thought leaving a traditional 9-5 job would provide lots of free time and space.

And you know what? I still find my days packed full, and I still can feel stressed out about completing everything I want to accomplish. I can't blame circumstances anymore for this, so it's clearly something I can control if I make the effort. 

I'm still working hard over here, but one thing I'm learning these days is to grant myself some space. A little time to just be and enjoy, guilt-free. No pressure to be busy or productive or checking off boxes on a list. We've been gifted a phenomenally gorgeous autumn so far in Paris, and a lovely start to November. So I decided that make sure to take some time to appreciate the beauty around me for the sheer joy of having the opportunity to do so.

Take a seat at Jardin des Plantes, Paris

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your November, and are taking some time to embrace it as well! What do you do to manage "busyness" and work/life balance?