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Are you planning a trip to Paris, other regions of France, and/or throughout Europe? Partner with Simply Sara Travel to ensure your vacation goes smoothly and you make the most of every minute and dollar. With customized itinerary planning, Simply Sara tailors recommendations to your interests and needs specifically. Whether you want a few suggestions to add to your plans or are looking for a full itinerary drafted, get inside information and ideas from Simply Sara.

Offering three options depending on the level of service:


Small in stature but it packs a powerful punch. This is for the traveler who has the major components of a trip to Paris planned. The hotel is booked, the dates are set, and for the most part, this traveler knows what they want to do in the City of Light. Add a jolt of caffeine to awaken good plans to wonderful ones. Consult Simply Sara for some customized suggestions on where to go, what to eat, and special events to get the most out of your trip. Because no one has time to waste on sub-par food or sights in Paris!

(Note: This option is for trips to Paris, France only.)

Soupe à l’oignon:

Most people have the ingredients on hand to make this classic French soup, or at least can easily find the necessary components. Yet a dish like this can go from lackluster to outstanding with attention to detail, like the perfect bread and cheese melted over the soup. This traveler has the ingredients of the trip planned - destinations in mind, working knowledge of activities to do, a time frame. Yet the specifics are needed, such as where to stay and methods of transportation. And like the carefully broiled baguette and cheese over an onion soup, Simply Sara can fill in the framework of an existing itinerary to transform it from good to memorable.

Le croissant:

Making a croissant takes time and skill to transform ingredients into those buttery layers and layers of deliciousness. This plan is for the dreamer full of traveling inspiration but in need to direction to transform the flour and butter into the finished product, ready to be consumed. The traveler is starting with some destination ideas and time frame but comes with a blank slate. Let Simply Sara save time by offering suggestions to fill in an itinerary with where to go, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and how to navigate transportation to make the trip come together. It's as easy as entering a boulangerie and leaving with a fresh-out-of-the-oven croissant.

A few extra notes:

Simply Sara does not book accommodations, make reservations, or book transportation. But these services will provide you with options on these items and the tools to be able to make bookings on your own. And if there are any questions afterwards or in the midst of the trip, Simply Sara is available to continue providing assistance. 

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