Merci for trusting Simply Sara Travel with your planning needs for your upcoming trip!

L'espresso is a tip-based service. I hope the personalized suggestions I've crafted for your time in Paris prove to be helpful.  To leave a tip, just click the big red button below and you will be brought to a secure form.

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Wondering what's a usual tip? Well there aren't a lot of other services to compare to L'expresso.  Most itinerary planners are only interested in doing full trip planning, and charge anywhere from $49 per day of travel to $100 per hour spent planning.  I've tried to create a service that addresses the needs of an already-savvy traveler and is more affordable.  For reference, it takes me 3-4 hours to prepare a customized L'espresso package (and I probably spend 5 euros on coffee while doing it!).

While knowing that you didn't waste a moment in Paris eating bad food is its own reward, any tip is appreciated :-)

Merci et bon voyage!